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Turkey country profile

Turkey, officially known as the Republic of Turkey, is a transcontinental country located mainly on the Anatolian Peninsula in Western Asia, with a smaller portion on the Balkan Peninsula in Southeast Europe. It has a population of approximately 82 million people, making it one of the most populous countries in the world. The land area of Turkey is about 783,356 square kilometers, making it larger than many European countries.

Coutry's neighbours are:Greece, Bulgaria, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq, Syria.

Most prosperous jobs in Turkey

generic jobs In terms of job prospects, several industries in Turkey have shown significant growth and prosperity. The tourism sector is a major contributor to the economy, offering various job opportunities in hospitality, travel agencies, and tour operators. Additionally, the manufacturing industry has been thriving, especially in sectors such as automotive, textiles, and electronics. Turkey's geographic location also makes it an important hub for logistics and transportation, leading to a demand for professionals in this field. Furthermore, the construction sector has experienced substantial growth due to urban development projects, creating job opportunities for architects, engineers, and construction workers. Other promising industries include information technology, finance, healthcare, and renewable energy, which offer a range of employment possibilities for skilled individuals.

Average costs of living in Turkey

The Cost of Living in Turkey: A Comprehensive Overview

Introduction Turkey, a land of rich history, vibrant culture, and breathtaking landscapes, has become an increasingly popular destination for expatriates seeking an affordable yet fulfilling lifestyle. This article aims to provide an overview of the costs of living in Turkey, including approximate expenses in USD and a summary of monthly expenses.

Accommodation The cost of accommodation in Turkey varies depending on the city and neighborhood. In major cities like Istanbul, renting a one-bedroom apartment in the city center can range between $400-$700 per month, while outside the city center, it may be around $250-$500.

Utilities Basic utilities such as electricity, water, heating, and garbage services for a standard apartment can amount to approximately $100-$150 per month.

Transportation Turkey offers an extensive public transportation network, including buses, metros, and trams, which are relatively affordable. Monthly transportation expenses can range from $30-$50, depending on the frequency of use.

Food and Groceries Turkish cuisine is renowned for its flavors and affordability. A reasonable monthly food budget for a single person can range from $150-$250, including groceries and dining out occasionally.

Healthcare Turkey has a well-established healthcare system with both public and private options. Expatriates are advised to have health insurance, which can cost around $50-$100 per month, depending on coverage.

Education If you have children, enrolling them in international schools can be costly, with fees ranging from $5,000-$15,000 per year. However, Turkish public schools are free of charge for expatriate children.

Communication Mobile phone plans with data packages are reasonably priced, averaging around $10-$20 per month. High-speed internet plans can cost approximately $30-$50 per month.

Entertainment and Leisure Turkey offers a plethora of entertainment options, including dining out, visiting historical sites, and enjoying the vibrant nightlife. Budgeting around $100-$200 per month for leisure activities would provide a comfortable experience.

Clothing and Personal Care The cost of clothing and personal care items in Turkey is relatively affordable. A monthly budget of $50-$100 should be sufficient to cover your needs.

Miscellaneous Expenses Miscellaneous expenses, such as household supplies, gym memberships, and occasional outings, can amount to approximately $100-$200 per month.

Summary In summary, the cost of living in Turkey is generally lower compared to many Western countries. To maintain a comfortable lifestyle, a single person can expect to spend an estimated $900-$1,500 per month, depending on location and personal preferences. However, it is important to note that these figures are approximate and can vary based on individual circumstances and choices.

Top 10 higest salaries in Turkey

1. Orthopaedic surgeon (2,028,706 TRY per year, pre-tax.)
2. Cardiologist (1,688,758 TRY per year, pre-tax.)
3. Medical director neurosurgery (1,631,739 TRY per year, pre-tax.)
4. Neurosurgeon (1,581,294 TRY per year, pre-tax.)
5. Colorectal surgeon (1,579,090 TRY per year, pre-tax.)
6. Dermatologist (1,541,812 TRY per year, pre-tax.)
7. Urologist (1,541,812 TRY per year, pre-tax.)
8. Oncologist (1,541,812 TRY per year, pre-tax.)
9. Chiropractic radiologist (1,541,812 TRY per year, pre-tax.)
10. Oral and maxillofacial surgeon (1,541,812 TRY per year, pre-tax.)

Data as of 2023

Random salary:
Machine shop supervisor production (160,094 TRY per year, pre-tax.)
Network expert (271,947 TRY per year, pre-tax.)
Elderly service coordinator (127,205 TRY per year, pre-tax.)
Senior trust officer (383,800 TRY per year, pre-tax.)
Maintenance leader (383,800 TRY per year, pre-tax.)