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Portugal country profile

Portugal is a country located in Southern Europe, on the Iberian Peninsula. It has a population of approximately 10.3 million people and covers an area of about 92,090 square kilometers.

Coutry's neighbours are:Spain, orra

Most prosperous jobs in Portugal

generic jobs In terms of prosperous industries for job opportunities in Portugal, the country has a diverse economy. One prominent sector is tourism, with Portugal being known for its beautiful beaches, historic cities, and cultural attractions. The tourism industry offers various job prospects, such as hospitality, travel agencies, and tour operators. Additionally, Portugal has a strong agricultural sector, particularly in wine production, olive oil, and cork. This industry provides employment opportunities in farming, viticulture, and food processing. The country also has a growing technology sector, especially in software development and IT services, which offers job prospects for skilled professionals. Other notable industries include renewable energy, automotive manufacturing, textiles, and footwear production. These sectors contribute to Portugal's economic growth and provide potential employment opportunities for individuals seeking work in the country.

Average costs of living in Portugal

The Cost of Living in Portugal: A Budget-Friendly European Destination

Introduction Portugal, a captivating country located on the Iberian Peninsula, has become an increasingly popular destination for expats and digital nomads seeking an affordable yet high-quality lifestyle. With its stunning landscapes, rich history, and warm Mediterranean climate, Portugal offers a cost of living that is significantly lower than many other European countries. In this article, we will provide an overview of the approximate expenses in USD and summarize the monthly costs of living in Portugal.

Accommodation The rental prices in Portugal vary depending on the location, with major cities like Lisbon and Porto being slightly more expensive. On average, you can expect to pay approximately $600-$900 per month for a one-bedroom apartment in the city center, while outside the city center, the prices can drop to around $400-$700.

Transportation Public transportation in Portugal is efficient and reasonably priced. Monthly passes for buses, trams, and trains cost approximately $40-$60, depending on the city. Taxis are also affordable, with a typical 10-minute ride costing around $5-$10.

Food and Groceries Portugal is known for its delicious cuisine, and enjoying local dishes at restaurants is surprisingly affordable. A meal at an inexpensive restaurant can cost around $8-$15, while a three-course meal for two at a mid-range restaurant may range from $30-$50. For groceries, a monthly budget of $200-$300 should be sufficient for a couple.

Utilities The cost of utilities in Portugal is relatively reasonable. On average, monthly expenses for electricity, heating, cooling, water, and garbage for a small apartment would be around $100-$150.

Healthcare Portugal has a well-regarded healthcare system, and the cost of medical services is generally lower compared to other European countries. Expats are required to have health insurance, which can cost approximately $100-$150 per month, depending on the coverage.

Education For families with children, Portugal offers both public and private schooling options. Public schools are free of charge, while private schools can range from $200-$500 per month, depending on the institution and grade level.

Entertainment and Leisure Portugal is rich in cultural and recreational activities. Movie tickets cost around $7-$10, while gym memberships range from $30-$50 per month. Exploring museums, parks, and historical sites often comes at a minimal cost or even for free.

Internet and Mobile Plans High-speed internet is widely available in Portugal, with monthly plans ranging from $30-$50. Mobile phone plans with data and calls can be as low as $10-$20 per month.

Taxes Portugal has a relatively low tax burden compared to many other European countries. The income tax rate varies depending on the income level, with an average rate of around 20%-30%.

Summary of Monthly Expenses Considering the approximate expenses mentioned above, a couple living in Portugal can expect to spend around $1,800-$2,500 per month, including rent, utilities, groceries, transportation, healthcare, and some leisure activities. This estimate can vary depending on personal preferences and lifestyle choices.

Conclusion Portugal offers an affordable cost of living without compromising on quality. With its affordable accommodation, reasonably priced amenities, and diverse cultural experiences, Portugal has become an attractive destination for those seeking a budget-friendly

Top 10 higest salaries in Portugal

1. Orthopaedic surgeon (260,129 EUR per year, pre-tax.)
2. Cardiologist (216,539 EUR per year, pre-tax.)
3. Medical director neurosurgery (209,228 EUR per year, pre-tax.)
4. Neurosurgeon (202,760 EUR per year, pre-tax.)
5. Colorectal surgeon (202,478 EUR per year, pre-tax.)
6. Oncologist (197,698 EUR per year, pre-tax.)
7. Chiropractic radiologist (197,698 EUR per year, pre-tax.)
8. Oral and maxillofacial surgeon (197,698 EUR per year, pre-tax.)
9. Plastic surgeon (197,698 EUR per year, pre-tax.)
10. Dermatologist (197,698 EUR per year, pre-tax.)

Data as of 2023

Random salary:
Linux system administrator (38,527 EUR per year, pre-tax.)
Qa lab technician (14,342 EUR per year, pre-tax.)
Nurse operating room (34,871 EUR per year, pre-tax.)
Director of counseling (32,903 EUR per year, pre-tax.)
Quality improvement director (33,184 EUR per year, pre-tax.)