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Oncologist salary in Iraq

Average Yearly Salary for Oncologist in Iraq is approximately 68,136,432 IQD (45,976 USD). Data is for 2024 and is a pre-tax value. The salary itself depends on multiple factors such as seniority, experience or any other bonuses. The value indicated is an average amount based on our records. Real values may vary.

What does Oncologist do?

occupation personasAn oncologist is a medical professional who specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of cancer. They are highly trained physicians who work closely with patients to develop personalized treatment plans based on the type and stage of cancer. Oncologists may administer chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, or targeted therapy to help eradicate cancer cells and prevent their spread. They also monitor patients progress, perform regular check-ups, and coordinate care with other specialists such as surgeons or radiologists. Additionally, they provide support and guidance to patients and their families throughout the entire cancer journey, addressing concerns, explaining treatment options, and offering emotional support.

Skills: Oncologist, Cancer Specialist, Medical Oncology, Cancer Treatment, Cancer Care, Cancer Diagnosis

How much does Oncologist make?

Salary details
How much does Oncologist make?
Estimated Yearly Salary: 68,136,432 IQD
Estimated Monthly Salary: 5,678,036 IQD
Estimated Weekly Salary: 1,310,316 IQD per week
Estimated Hourly Salary: 32,758 IQD per hour
Values are pre-tax
Last revision of data: 2024-01-05

Comparing salary to last year:
Estimated Yearly Salary: 57,364,800 IQD
Estimated Monthly Salary: 4,780,400 IQD
Estimated Weekly Salary: 1,103,169 IQD per week
Estimated Hourly Salary: 27,579 IQD per hour
Last revision of data: 2023-04-21

Oncologist estimated salary in USD
For easier comparison here is an estimated salary in USD:
Estimated Yearly Salary: 45,976 USD
Estimated Monthly Salary: 3,831 USD
Estimated Weekly Salary: 884 USD per week
Estimated Hourly Salary: 22 USD per hour

Difference in salary year over year or average salary increase is approximately up arrow 19 %

About these results Data confidence is - relatively high
Data fetched from dabase with: 34 submissions by random people.
Results are anonymized. Amounts indicated are pre-tax, meaning no deductionts yet have been made to the basic salary. Salaries where there are less than 3 entries are not displayed.

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Salary comparison to National average

Iraq, a nation in the Middle East, possesses vast oil reserves, fueling its economy and global energy trade. Key industries include oil and gas extraction, agriculture, and a burgeoning construction sector as the nation rebuilds its infrastructure. The rich historical and cultural heritage also draws tourists. However, Iraq faces challenges including political instability and security concerns. Despite these, the country exhibits economic potential and a resilient population, striving to rebuild and diversify its economy beyond oil and embrace a future of growth and stability.

Estimated national average yearly salary is 8,160,000 IQD (6,000 USD). Value indicated is pre-tax. Below graph shows estimated Oncologist job salary compared to average salary in Iraq.
Comparison shows that a person working as Oncologist in Iraq earns on average:
8.35 times the average salary (or 835% of average salary).

Is Oncologist a well paid job?

Yes, our data shows that Oncologist is an extremely well paid job. With years and experience the salary might increase even further, resulting in higher satisfaction.

How much can you save working as Oncologist in Iraq?

Living in Iraq the approximate monthly expenses are: 240 USD. This amount covers basic needs such as food, housing, clothing, healthcare and education costs for a single person. No luxury expenses such as traveling, leisure, hobbies are included.

By working as Oncologist a person can save up to 3,591 USD per month or 43,096 USD yearly. Values are pre-tax.

NOTE: These values are estimates and are averaged for the whole country. Furthermore the value is likely exaggerated as no other expenses are taken into account in the projection. Unessential expenses are very subjective and are difficult to assess. Most likely the previously estimated number is significantly lower for majority of people. Expenses in different cities across the country may vary. Above values accuracy is low and is based on limited set of data obtained.

For more information regarding expenses in Iraq, see costs of living in Iraq.

Salary comparison to region and neighbouring coutries

Country's neighbours are: Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey.
To make it easier for comparison a conversion from local currency to USD has been made (conversion rates may vary).

Estimated Yearly Salary for Oncologist

Iran is 60,535 USDup arrow 32%
Details on Oncologist salary in Iran
Jordan is 72,796 USDup arrow 58%
Details on Oncologist salary in Jordan
Kuwait is 102,734 USDup arrow 123%
Details on Oncologist salary in Kuwait
Saudi Arabia is 211,414 USDup arrow 360%
Details on Oncologist salary in Saudi Arabia
Syria is 28,122 USDdown arrow 39%
Details on Oncologist salary in Syria
Turkey is 81,148 USDup arrow 77%
Details on Oncologist salary in Turkey
Last revision of data: 2024-01-05

Salary increase per years of experience

Based on data available the salary increase per years of experience is as following

    0 years (beginner) equals base salary
    1 to 5 years of experience yields up arrow+12% salary increase
    6 to 10 years of experience yields up arrow+22% salary increase
    11 to 15 years of experience yields up arrow+14% salary increase
    16 to 25 years of experience yields up arrow+9% salary increase
    more than 25 years of experience yields up arrow+8% salary increase
NOTE: Details based on limited set of data. Percentages may vary. The salary increase over years of experience can vary widely based on factors such as industry, job role, location, company size, and individual performance. To gain even larger increase in salary one is advised to switch jobs and / or employer.

Top 10 highest salaries in Iraq

(89,653,590 IQD per year, pre-tax.)
(74,630,556 IQD per year, pre-tax.)
(72,111,156 IQD per year, pre-tax.)
(69,880,746 IQD per year, pre-tax.)
(69,784,416 IQD per year, pre-tax.)
(68,136,432 IQD per year, pre-tax.)
(68,136,432 IQD per year, pre-tax.)
(68,136,432 IQD per year, pre-tax.)
(68,136,432 IQD per year, pre-tax.)
(68,136,432 IQD per year, pre-tax.)

Data as of 2024

Random salary:
Physical design engineer (15,340,800 IQD per year, pre-tax.)
Disaster recovery continuity specialist it (14,851,200 IQD per year, pre-tax.)
Sap security administrator (10,959,468 IQD per year, pre-tax.)
Data center support specialist (7,068,518 IQD per year, pre-tax.)
Licensed mental health counselor (6,618,086 IQD per year, pre-tax.)

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